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Dry Ice Shipping Training is a Course

Dry Ice Shipping Training



Full course description

Some members of the campus community may have the need to ship materials under dry ice to preserve and protect them. Dry ice shipping is subject to federal and international regulations and requires that the shipper be trained. The consequences of improper shipping can result in injury to people, damage to property, as well as damage to the environment.

This training is intended to fulfill the US Federal and International training requirements for shipping dry ice. It is specifically designed to assist in the use of FedEx as the courier.

Training certification records must be maintained by the shipper. Certification expires two years from the completion date and must be renewed prior to expiration to legally ship dry ice containing packages.

Please note that this training does not address or certify the learner in the shipment of any other hazardous material, e.g., chemical, biological, radiological, etc. For additional information on the shipment of hazardous materials, university personnel may contact Environmental Health & Safety at 865-974-5084 or

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